Where has the time gone?

It feels like just yesterday I set foot on my wonderful street for the first time, the newness of 63 Borgo la Croce and my Italian kitchen filling me with excitement for the months to come. 

I will miss sunsets in Firenze

You always hear that time flies, but I truly feel like all I did was blink and my program was over.

January until now has been filled with more amazing experiences than my wildest dreams could have created. In some ways it feels like it was yesterday and in others an eternity ago. From Guinness in Dublin to a massage in Budapest I am more than grateful for what I have done. 

I read a quote about memories the other day and realized the last few months have brought the best memories I could have ever asked for. Moments that have made me stronger, made me laugh, and made me see how astonishingly brilliant our world and its people are.

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

 I couldn't have asked for better roommates and better people in my program. I will cherish my time in Italy for the amazing countries it is and my travels for the amazing smiles they have brought;
 but i will remember even more the happy times with the people besides me in the city I'm lucky to be able to have called home. 
A typical night at Kikuya

And to the people that have shared the experience I hope you had just as amazing of a time. What ever will we do without dragoons? It hasn't quite hit me yet that my program is over. For its a bittersweet goodbye as I am more than excited for the month to come. 

cooking up a feast in our kitchen

I'm off to one last month of travels. Europe just hasn't had enough of me yet.
Croatia, Munich, Greece, and then Amalfi coast  and Florence with the parentals.

So ciao CAPA and Florence. 
My time here got me back on my feet and changed me for the better.

Firenze will always have a place in my heart. 



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