Today's the day.

My suitcases are bursting at the seams, packed with too much I’m sure. In only a few hours I will be saying see-ya-later to America and boarding the plane for Italy. This time tomorrow I'll be walking the winding streets of Italy trying to find my apartment.

Before I leave I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to my friends and family. Everyone who has stood by me, held my hand, and helped me through last semester.

I recently read a poem about friendship; one line in particular resonated with me,
“When I become broken inside, they hold the pieces for me until I’m ready to put myself back together”

Thank you for holding my pieces. I would have lost some of them if it weren’t for you.
Although the past months were more difficult than anything I’ve faced, I can truthfully say I feel like my pieces are fitting back together.

Thank you especially to
My mom- I apologize for all the grey hairs I gave you :), but thank you for driving to Bloomington anytime I needed you
My dad- for the daily texts. Guess you’re going to have to send me daily facebook messages instead
& AJ- for always being there, usually with a joke.

Thank you; I love you all.

So I’m off to Florence, excited to share the adventures to come!

Con amore,