No Worries

       Next destination that now has all my money GREECE

The things I learned during my six day stay:


1. Not all places are what they look like
on Google images. Rhodes is not the white buildings with blue tops you see in a lot of places.

2. Make the best of any situation.

(please refer to point #3)

3. When the British navy happens to have a boat docked on the island don't let the opportunity pass you bye.

Party with Brits all night.Check


4. When taking an 18 hour ferry ride find your own area to build fort(not kidding, Lea and I actually kind of built a fort. You're never too old to be a kid)

5. Santorini is what you picture a Greek island to look like. I'll happily take  stunning views of white houses,
take a donkey ride up the mountain side,
and eat Gyros until I want to burst.

6. Take every opportunity you can. Always.
Who knew I'd climb lava from a volcano and jump off a pirate looking ship into the salty water.

(We were told it was a hot spring- Wrong adjective. Luke warm, at best).

7. In keeping with #6. Learned the lesson of what it feels like to truly live without a care in the world. Whizzing around the island on an ATV all day, wind on my face, black sand beaches, ocean that stretches
on forever.



8. My teachers weren't lying in sixth grade when they said the ancient Greeks were important. Even after seeing the acropolis I'm mind-boggled by their ability to construct. It would be fascinating to travel back in time, if only for a day, to see the masterful civilization at its prime.

9.  Most importantly: appreciate it all.

The economic crisis is hitting Greece, and hard in areas. I couldn't help but feel slightly guilty as I whizzed by abandoned houses and restaurants.

Greeks and immigrants alike continuously said how lucky I was to be American. One immigrant told me Americans forget they have their freedom, that it's precious luck of where we were born.  It made me remember how lucky we all are.

Well I failed to find my Greek love, there was no Kostas like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (darn!). But with great friends, amazing views, and memories of living with no worries he wasn't needed.



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