Walled In

Welcome to Dubrovnik, Croatia.
 First stop on my month long travel excursion.
Home to wild peacocks, marble streets, and a giant brick

For those of you that don't know much about Croatia (don't worry I won't judge, honestly it's Croatia)
Here is your lesson of the day:

1. It is located on the west side of the Adriatic Sea, across from Italy
2. In the early 90s it was severely bombed as it fought it's independence from Yugoslavia
3. The people there are really tall

After an 8 hour train ride (sitting on the floor no less) and a 10 hour ferry and lugging my giant backpack packed for a month we had arrived.
Old town Dubrovnik- the small area surrounded by an insane
brick wall- was the destination.

I had heard nothing but unbelievable reviews of Croatia but was
seriously clueless on what to expect.

Within moments of arrival to our
homey apartment style hostel I was blown away. The Adriatic sea seemed to stretch on forever into the distance, and the white marble streets in old town felt more like walking in a movie than real life.


Spent exploring the narrow, hilly alley ways, attending church
(it was Easter, I had to be holy even if I didn't understand a lick of Croatian),
 and spending the night with American study abroad students
we had met.


 Sun shown bright during our short boat ride to an just off the mainland.
So in Chicago we have these animals like chipmunks or squirrels. They just run across the sidewalks when the please. On this islan of Logrum the animal of choice.

Gorgeous,  bright blue, feathers out, shaking their tail feather...
 (honestly who would have thunk it?)


 This brick wall I speak of walls in the city. The best part is
climbing it provides for the most spectacular views. On one side of you the terracotta roofs fill in the inside, while on the other side nothing but blue
as the wall drops directly into the sea.

Travel Buddies
Jenna, Alex, Me, Chelsey, Rachel

If you asked me four months ago where I'd be, Croatia would not be on my list
 ( heck I couldn't even point to it on a map).
But it was a wonderfully whimsical and beautiful town to begin the last chapter of my abroad experience.

Now only if the peacocks would replace those darn squirrels in Downers Grove.



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