Never would I ever think I would be in 
Budapest, Hungary. 

To tell you the truth I did not even know where Budapest was on a map before I went. So don't feel too bad at geography if you haven't the slightest clue either.

The adventure began with a 15 hour train ride (Yes, you read that number correctly). Aided by sleeping pills the train really wouldn't have been half bad without police waking us up every couple hours to check passports.
There is a strange feeling in your gut when you are awaken by a man in a police outfit asking for a passport, with a gun, not knowing what country you're in, or the language
... us Americans really need to study our maps more. 
By Friday morning Jon, Brett, Chelsey and I arrived at our destination. And the most welcoming hotel owner handing us Hungarian shot at the door. Not a bad start to the day.

Budapest is a large and gorgeous city. The Gothic architecture is very different than Florence, but it was far more similar to Eastern European cities than I expected. 

Fun facts about Budapest

1. One side of the river is called Buda, the other Pest. 
2. You spend thousands when there. Well thousands in their currency. I've never before withdrawn 27,000 from an ATM.

Day one was spent exploring. From atop an amazing view of the city we had a beer and looked out at the river. It was very relaxing, and the more I travel the more I understand that you always have the best time when you sit back and enjoy. Rushing from place to place to check things off your list isn't fun. 

Our two nights in Budapest were spent at the same
all-you-can-eat-and-drink restaurant and then a bar.

Lets see the new foods I tasted-
duck, catfish, goulash, shark
(sharks a negative on my list. I would rather not eat Jaws)

Jon, Chels, Me, Brett

Day two. Time for a typical Budapest experience: The Bathhouses.
Bathhouses are massive structures with warm pools (inside and out), saunas, massages, and lots of people relaxing. Chelsey and I spent the morning basking in the sun, followed by a massage.
If I learned anything from the bathhouse it is that massages aren't for me. Holding back laughter the entire time is not exactly the zen experience. Sorry bout being ticklish. 

Another great weekend. I would love to explore more of Eastern Europe. The more I travel the longer my wish list of travels becomes. Sometimes the unexpected travels are the best.



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