The Parents Do Italy

Welcome to Italy parentals!

After an unforgettable journey with friends
it was time to show off the country
(and most importantly the city of Florence)
I have grown to love.

Back to Italy and reunited with the parents who had been in Rome for a couple days. What a great feeling
(AJ next time I'm kidnapping youand making you come. I could not be an only child)

The stunning Amalfi coast was my first major destination with them:
 Sorrento, Positano, Capri,   Amalfi Town, & Ravelo
All the towns were drop dead gorgeous. We’re talking houses literally built into the side of mountains, overlooking the blue Mediterranean, lemon trees, winding roads, and sunshine. 

A tidbit on each:

Sorrento- our home base from which we took all our day trips and home to lots of ceramic shops and lemon trees with lemons the size of your head (not kidding!)

 We spent four nights in our hotel here, eating lots of great Italian food.
Not only did father DeMarco only eat gelato and margarita pizza all day every day, his looks fit in so well that even Italians were asking him for directions. In Italian.

Positano- our first day trip on roads not wide enough for one bus. Good thing buses travel in both directions. Here our 40 year old waiter slipped me his number behind my dad’s back
(just what I want a 40 year olds number)

Capri- a breathtaking island with an equally breathtaking boat ride to get there. The highlight of the day was taking a chairlift to the highest point on the island to look out at some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen.

Amalfi Town- the oldest of the towns whose creation, according to myth, had something to do with Hercules
(I was looking for him, no luck)

Ravelo- an inland town set up in the mountains, surrounded by steep hills filled with vineyards and Italian villas. My favorite of the towns by far.

The rest of our visit was spent with Tourguide Kelsey showing off the city of Florence. The Uffizi Gallery, Duomo, Leather Market, Sunset, Ponte Vecchio, & plenty of good food.

Introducing the parents to the most yummy sandwich you will ever eat:
Salumeria Verdi
It was a wonderful visit, and after two weeks of being away from Florence it already felt like being back home. Though it was a whole different experience being there without the group of friends I shared the city with for months.

A wonderful two week trip. My parents ended their visit with a trip to Venice, while I stayed in Florence to soak in the last couple of days in the city I was lucky to call home for a few months.



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  1. So glad that you are discovering your many talents as well as your inner self. Aim high. Love you. DAD